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What if you had a certified health coach to show you how to finally give up restrictive diets for good and teach you the basics of good nutrition, healthy living and sustainable weight loss?

What if you had a certified health coach to show you how to create healthier habits and a daily lifestyle that supports those new habits in a way that’s easy, doable and even FUN?

What if you could do all of this from the comfort of your own home?

Guess what?

Now you can.

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Get Wellness Over Weight Loss at a one-time introductory offer of $200 off the regular course pricing when you enroll now!

This brand new 5-week course kicks off on Sunday, October 13th.


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  • You feel out-of-control around food and eating and it’s derailing your attempts to lose weight and maintain it for the long run.

  • Your head is spinning from all the different eating plans and “healthy lifestyle" info that’s out there.

  • You’re tired of deprivation, food rules, restriction and yo-yo dieting. After all, you’ve been doing that for YEARS now and it hasn’t worked.

  • You want to learn the keys to maintaining your weight in a way that actually feels good.

  • You’re ready to implement new daily habits that help you to feel amazing - in your digestion, your mood, your confidence, your energy, getting better rest and daily self-care rituals.

  • You want a certified health coach to guide you and a community to support you and help you get started with this mindset shift and new, healthier habits.


I created this course to give you the tools and info you need to lose weight naturally. This course will teach you everything you need to know to get back in control of your relationship with food and with your body. You’ll learn how to continue for a LIFETIME of wellness so you can finally stop going on and off different diets.




  • Learn why restricting yourself from foods leads to more out-of-control eating.

  • Learn how to stay in the right mindset to set yourself up for success in creating new healthy habits and maintaining them.

  • Learn how to tune out all the dieting noise and read your body’s signals to make more intuitively healthy choices.

  • Learn why labeling the way you eat could be holding you back from reaching your health goals and why the concept of bioindividuality is the key to creating the way of eating that will help you reach your ideal weight and maintain it.

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  • Learn how to enjoy making and eating healthy foods.

  • Learn why balancing blood sugar is key in order to control sugar cravings, hunger, mood swings and for increasing energy.

  • Learn all about carbohydrates and why it’s important to eat the ones that provide nourishment for your body (this actually ties in with gut health!)

  • Learn how to construct a more balanced meal that will keep you full and satisfied until your next mealtime.

  • Learn how to stock a healthy pantry, fridge and freezer with basic go-to’s for healthy meals.

  • Learn the simple cooking techniques that every health-conscious person needs to know to make easy but healthy meals at home, as well as my no-fuss approach to weekly meal prep and why you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen doing complicated prep in order to eat healthy at home.

  • Learn how to enjoy eating out in a more balanced way, and tips for when you eat out or travel.


  • Learn all about the importance of healthy digestion and how it affects whether your body will hold onto weight (especially around the midsection), as well as how the state of your digestive health affects other systems of your body, including skin health and your immune system.

  • Learn tips and holistic recommendations to soothe the gut and get digestion back on track whenever you’re experiencing unpleasant gut symptoms.

  • Learn the ins and outs of prebiotics and probiotics, as well as what foods have them and how you can easily incorporate more of them into your daily diet to benefit digestive health.

  • Understand the importance of daily detoxification and how this process removes unwanted substances from your body every day, as well as easy steps you can add into your daily routine to assist your body’s detoxification processes.

  • Learn more about some of the different gut health supplements that are available and which ones might be beneficial for you to add to your daily routine to support your digestive health.



  • Learn why the stress and restriction of dieting could be causing your out-of-control eating binges.

  • Learn exactly what stress does in your body and how it could be sabotaging the way you feel every day not just in your mood and energy, but also your ability to reach and maintain a balanced weight.

  • Learn to identify if certain lifestyle habits could be causing you more stress and more unwanted effects.

  • Learn the #1 thing you can do anywhere and anytime to help bring your stress hormones down, which in turn allows your body to shift into fat burning mode.

  • Learn tips and holistic recommendations to lower your stress hormones and keep them low, including small action steps you can take during meal times and other times throughout the day.

  • Learn which foods might actually be causing your stress hormones to stay elevated, and how you can enjoy them with more balance.

  • Learn how to better manage stress that leads to emotional eating.

  • Learn all about intermittent fasting, how it can positively or negatively affect your stress hormones and how to decide whether it’s the best option for YOU.

  • Understand the surprising link between stress and your gut, and how to get out of the cycle of stress and unpleasant digestive symptoms.

  • How to get started with meditation in a way that feels right for you.


  • Understand why sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy, balanced weight and your body’s ability to release fat, especially around the belly.

  • Learn more about how stress affects the quality of your sleep, and how that can negatively impact your health and weight loss goals.

  • Learn tools for better, more restful sleep so you can benefit from the deep restorative work your body does while you’re sleeping.

  • Learn how to set up your own nighttime routine for more rest and relaxation, in turn decreasing your stress levels and increasing the quality of your sleep.

  • Learn more about self-care and why it’s absolutely crucial to your health, especially for women and for maintaining a healthy, balanced weight.

  • Understand why setting boundaries with yourself and staying committed to them is the starting point for loving and trusting yourself more, as well as for setting boundaries with other people in your life.

  • Learn why exercise shouldn’t be something you look at as a fad, but instead as a holistic practice necessary for maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.

  • Learn how to build more self-care rituals that FEEL GOOD into your daily life.

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Wellness is about setting yourself up to make choices that help you to FEEL your very best, most of the time…but not ever restricting yourself from what brings you joy.

It’s about seeking more balance, because healthy living isn’t all or nothing.

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  • 5 life-changing modules of content centered around that week’s topic (see above) with easy-to-access video trainings and classes, downloadable handouts and worksheets to help you integrate healthy new habits into your lifestyle. You’ll receive the week’s content each Sunday of the 5-week program. This would cost around $3,150 if we did this in one-on-one coaching.

  • Food charts and easy, healthy recipes to teach you the “ins and outs” of creating healthier eating habits and learn to enjoy healthy foods more.

  • Journaling prompts and exercises to teach you how to become more intuitive with what your body wants and needs at any given moment.

  • Checklists and cheatsheets for each module to help you put what you’re learning about living a lifestyle of wellness into immediate action.

  • Weekly live group Q&A and coaching calls throughout the 5-week course (one each week) where you’ll get valuable coaching live with Elizabeth and a chance to get all your juicy questions answered to fully support you on your wellness journey. $375 value

  • As a course alumnae, you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials and access to all updates and improvements that are made, at no additional charge of course.

  • Access to our private Facebook community where you’ll find support and inspiration as you continue on your journey towards greater health and wellness. Surrounding yourself with a like-minded community of individuals with goals similar to yours is crucial for success!

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Registering for Wellness Over Weight Loss will not only give you access to all five modules, with video tutorials, handouts, food charts, recipes, checklists and journaling prompts, but you’ll also get these bonuses for FREE. Including…

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BONUS #1: Meal Prep 101 2-Part Video Series

Included in this bonus are two 35-minute videos shot in my kitchen, and accompanying PDF’s with over 25 easy weekday recipes for breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners, all plant-based but completely tailorable to your family’s way of eating. I’ll show you the system I developed that helped me learn how to plan healthy meals for my family and grocery shop each week, saving time and money. I also share loads of healthy cooking and kitchen tips, as well as tips around healthy snacking and how to add more plants to your diet, no matter what diet you follow. $89 value

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BONUS #2: Essential Oils Masterclass For Healthy Women With Stacey Sexton - Video Workshop

Learn how to bring essential oils into your daily routine in ways that are easy and fun, as well as all the health benefits and mini moments of pleasure that essential oils offer in our daily lifestyles with Stacey Sexton who is a Reiki Master, Breathwork Facilitator, Mama, Essential Oil Teacher and Co-Owner of the plant-based intimate skincare line, The Sex Oil. $99 value


That’s over $3,700 worth of course materials and bonuses…

But you get everything when you enroll in Wellness Over Weight Loss at this special introductory price.

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Get Wellness Over Weight Loss at a one-time introductory offer of $200 off the regular course pricing when you enroll now!

This brand new 5-week course kicks off on Sunday, October 13th.


Pay In Full

(and save $50)

Payment Plan

(3 monthly payments of $99)


This pre-sale introductory price ends Sunday, September 22nd at 7:00pm CT.

Take back control of your eating habits, and of your life.



“I used to struggle with knowing the best exercises for my own body and with overall healthy lifestyle choices. Elizabeth helped me learn how to listen to what my body wants most in terms of daily exercise, and she showed me versatile items I could keep stocked in my refrigerator, pantry and freezer to make easy, simple meals at home that would serve my own body, rather than following any one particular diet.”

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OPTION 1: You could keep jumping from diet to diet, feeling more and more out-of-control, frustrated and deflated with each one and never really getting the results you want.


OPTION 2: You could learn how to really start living a life of health and wellness, without dieting labels, while understanding basic nutrition concepts and how to create the best way of eating that works for YOU and your body - not your sister, not your best friend and not that gal you follow on Instagram. You could learn daily lifestyle shifts around your digestion, managing your stress, setting up health-supportive daily routines and incorporating more self-care into your wellness lifestyle so that you show up to the world as the best version of you… every. single. day.


Sign up now to get Wellness Over Weight Loss at the pre-sale introductory price.

This offer ends on Sunday, September 22nd at 7:00p CT. The 5-week course kicks off on Sunday, October 13th.

I’ll see you on the inside!



Elizabeth Finch is a Certified Health Coach (IIN), Yoga Instructor (RYT 200), top wellness blogger and course creator for elizabethfinchwellness.com.

Since 2012, Elizabeth has coached hundreds of women both in-person and through online programs, on how to live a lifestyle of healthier daily habits, balance and freedom. As a mom of two daughters, Elizabeth is passionate about sharing all she's learned about creating a sustainable lifestyle of wellness, rather than dieting, deprivation and restriction.

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 Get Wellness Over Weight Loss at a one-time introductory offer of $200 off the regular course pricing when you enroll now!

This brand new 5-week course kicks off on Sunday, October 13th.


Pay In Full

(and save $50)

Payment Plan

(3 monthly payments of $99)